The Perpetual 8, or "P8," is less than a quarter of the size of old-world cardiac pacemakers.

In 2050, a tech innovation company from further east partnered with Axiom investors to form an offshoot called Medical Products, Inc., to address the need to have thermal-powered medical assistance devices for those with fatal health conditions. In 2051, the company rolled out its first and only product--a thermally-powered artificial cardiac pacemaker called the Perpetual8, or "P8," for short. The device is less than a quarter of the size of old-world cardiac pacemakers, is devoid of tubes and wires, and attaches directly to the heart of the recipient. In 2055, Medical Products, Inc., suddenly and mysteriously shuttered, effectively halting all sale and manufacture of the product. To date, no medical problems have been reported with any of the five patients who possess a P8; two passed away, but not due to causes related to heart failure.

Dr. Astrid Claret received a P8 at the age of nine to help regulate her heartbeat after sustaining post-traumatic arrhythmia during an accident.